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Since our inception, Pro-file Registry Services has
been focused on building a total quality practice.

With over 20 years in the legal industry, we take extreme care in ensuring that you or your company are provided with only the most experienced and fully capable agents. Unlike our corporate competitors, our boutique service ensures that you will receive a personalized service according to your needs - and your needs only. From our professional and efficient debt collection service, to our reliable and affordable process serving, Pro-file guarantees your satisfaction!

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Why Us?

What Makes Us Unique?

In the process serving industry, the most important word is TRUST. It's easy to get lost in the crowd, and difficult to standout and be counted. With our trademark tracking services, we offer our customers the chance to experience our services in Real-Time. This is a way to constantly track your file, without the time consuming pain of having to track down your server.

What Is It All About?

Pro-file has introduced the first ever Real-Time Tracking software in the process serving industry in Canada. This makes us stand head and shoulders above our nearest contemporaries. Our clients are given private log-in details where they are able to see how their services are progressing, all attempts made, and when and if their documents have been served. They are also able to send updated notes or new addresses and obtain notifications when their documents have been attempted or served.

Who Else But Us?

We are the trendsetters in the market. With our state-of-the-art process serving software, our professional staff, and most of all, our loyal present and potential customers such as you are who make us a company confident in its ability and services. A quick look around our website highlights an extensive list of services we provide.

We Get It Done In No Time

We make sure that you are given primary attention each and every time, and able to meet your deadlines with time to spare. It's never about us - it's about you, your process, and our dedication to provide the best possible service to you.

Where and Who We Serve

Our services are not limited to law firms only we cater to everyone who needs the best process servers in Canada. Whether it's the legal industry, individuals, or Corporations, we are suited to handle all of your needs. Need a Service outside of Canada? Pro-file has trusted agents all across Canada and the United States.


Here at Pro-file, one of the most technologically advanced process serving firms in Canada, we aspire for quality and reliability. Our primary service goal is to make sure that we give our customers exactly what they need, whenever they need it, and with the utmost commitment to quality. We ensure that our services offer you the highest level of comfort, conformity, and expertise.

  • Process Serving

    Yes, we are a process serving company but we are much more than your ordinary company. We come with a commitment to be accessible and available to our customers 24/7.

    We consider ourselves experts in the service of your legal documents. There are many documents that move back and forth in legal proceedings. Part of the reason for our success has been the confidence shown in us by a number of legal firms that have been our loyal customers. Their trust, admiration, and commitment with us are proof of our trustworthy, timely, and speedy service. We make sure that your documents are handled with care, utmost importance, and complete security.

  • Court Filing

    Court filing is an important part of the day to day works of legal professionals. To help our clients, we offer them the chance to get their court filings done by us, and then served on all necessary parties; therefore alleviating the need to utilize two separate service providers. Our employees are available in all courts all day. If our customers need us, we are there to serve them.


How would it be if you could see when and where your documents are and what stage of service they are at, whenever you wanted? This is exactly what we have strived to do with the addition of our newest tracking technology known as the Real Time Tracking Software.

Through the use of this software, we give our clients, law firms, etc. their own private log-in details through which they can check on the progress and status of their services. In addition to that, you are able to send notes and even obtain notifications when the service of the document has been attempted and/or has been successfully served.

The most important thing for any process serving to take into account is the security of the documents. Safety and Security have become important considerations in the world of online information, and we at Pro-File take the security of your documents seriously.

We have a state-of-the-art safety and security system that keeps your documents secure until they are served. Our security apparatus is a combination of technological excellence and a committed and motivated staff.

Convenience is an important aspect of our service, so we believe in making life easy for our clients by having the ability to do whatever they want while we make sure our side of the promise is fulfilled and executed in a timely, precise, and efficient way.

At Pro-file, we believe in giving our customers more than what they want and make sure that our work translates into advantages.

What our clients say about us
KarenParalegalRoper Greyell

Personally, I have enjoyed over ten years of excellent service with the representatives of Pro-File. Pro-file's attention to detail, knowledge and direct communications is the best in town. I would not hesitate recommending using Pro-file to anyone if they are in need of any court filing or personal service.

Deb SParalegalGall Legge Grant Munroe

I have been using Pro-file since they were formed by a small group of experienced and dedicated employees. They are efficient, helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly, able to provide a personal touch, adapting to the special needs of their clients, unlike their corporate competitors.

Jocelyn MLaaMetropolitan Credit

Pro-file has been amazing to work with! Their staff go above and beyond to provide the best possible service.

Kelly KLaaAlexander Holburn

Pro-file also has such a breadth of experience in court filing, process serving, and the Rules of Court. Even if my document is in the incorrect court format, they have the experience behind them to make sure my material is corrected and filed on time. Pro-file has far surpassed my expectations of a Registry Co. It is with great pleasure that I will continue Pro-file's service for all my Registry and service needs, and will undoubtedly recommend them to all of my colleagues.

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Pro-file Registry Services
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